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Paris Hilton heading to Las Vegas for top secret DJ residency

Paris Hilton is winning the war of the turntables after landing a new residency in Las Vegas.

Just days after news of a petition launched to kick her off the bill of a summer festival in Wisconsin broke, the hotel heiress, socialite and reality TV pioneer has announced she's lining up a series of dates in the party capital.

Hilton, who has just wrapped up a second residency at Club Amnesia in Ibiza, Spain, says, "I've got a residency in Atlantic City, and I'm about to do one in Las Vegas. I can't say where yet."

And, as for her detractors, Paris tells Billboard.com, "There are so many rumors out there. People who think that I don't play live. There are so many haters that make up so many stories. But anybody who comes and sees a show and watches behind the booth will see I know exactly what I'm doing. I've been training so hard for the past five years. I think I've really improved myself.

"Because I'm Paris Hilton, people assume, 'Oh, she's just this rich girl'. They don't understand that I've actually been going to raves since I was 15 years old. I love music. I love entertaining people. I love partying. I love having a good time and having people around me have a great time.

"I feel like DJing is kind of perfect for what I do. During the day, I'm a businesswoman. I travel around the world. I work with different products and brands. Then at night, I get to DJ for all my fans and have an incredible time."

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