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Zac Efron's co-stars poke fun at broken jaw drama

Zac Efron's That Awkward Moment co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller have had a little fun at their pal's expense for a new movie promo by joking that the actor had broken his jaw during sex.

The High School Musical hunk had to have his jaw wired shut last month (Nov13) after reportedly slipping in a puddle of water at his Los Angeles home and smashing his face.

He has yet to open up about the freak incident, but any sympathy Jordan and Teller may have had for Efron appears to have disappeared after sitting down for a video chat in which they poke fun at how the Hollywood hunk sustained the injury.

In the footage, released to Eonline.com, Efron sits silently in between his co-stars with a bandage underneath his jaw as Jordan and Teller claim to reveal the real reason behind the ailment.

The cheeky stars say, "So Zac was at home with a girl, giving her the worst sexual experience of her life... but she was getting into it, until she realized that you were finished so early.

"And this poor girl's pent up sexual energy, which you failed to satisfy, made her so angry that she picked up a book, a heavy book, and slammed it right into your beautiful face... That's how it happened. Case closed."

Efron has been lying low since the accident happened, but he resurfaced in Indiana earlier this month (Dec13) to cheer on football team the Indianapolis Colts as they secured a victory over the Houston Texans.

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