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YG settles feud with DJ Mustard

Rapper Yg has quashed his feud with producer Dj Mustard after the hitmakers fired off threats to one another online over allegations of unpaid work.

The Who Do You Love collaborators fell out at the end of 2014, after DJ Mustard blasted his pal and claimed he had yet to be compensated for producing a large chunk of YG's 2014 album, My Krazy Life.

YG responded by slamming the DJ for airing his grievances in public when he reportedly owed the rapper money for other appearances, and then appeared to threaten his life, writing, "DJ Mustard I know where yo studio at n**ga..."

The fighting words prompted Mustard to issue his own words of warning to YG and called on him to set up a meeting this week (begs29Dec14) so they could battle it out in person, stating, "I ain't for no sucka s**t and this internet s**t weak we can get down this won't be the first time. I'm finna (going to) pull up we can squabble up (fight and settle the dispute in person) (sic)!".

The two stars have since cleared the air in person without resorting to violence, with YG sharing a snap of the pair posing together on Instagram.com on Thursday (01Jan15).

In the caption, YG writes, "Me & bro squabbled up and got it over wit. 2015 is the takeover 4realz Bless up Yall (sic)."

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