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Whoopi Goldberg transforming herself into comic book hero

Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg is turning herself into a comic book superhero for a new animated project.

The Sister Act star joined fans at New York Comic Con over the weekend (12-13Oct13) to meet with industry executives and discuss her own graphic novel plans, which she hopes will give young readers a more realistic view of women as they age.

She explains, "I was pitching a comic book that I'm hoping to do... I've been a comic book kid all of my life. One of those things you don't see is... comic book heroes, female, with any hips, you don't see them over 12 years old, maybe something sagging a little, nothing is ever moving. So I'm working on something that will alleviate that...

"It will be me (as a superhero)... I do look like a comic book hero and I love that."

Goldberg isn't the first celebrity to develop superhero powers in print - Ministry rocker Al Jourgensen is also launching his own comic book series, while actress Alyssa Milano, RUN-D.M.C. star Darryl McDaniels and singer Wayne Coyne have their own graphic novels too.

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