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Vanessa Hudgens hated life as a blonde

Actress Vanessa Hudgens disguised herself with a blonde wig for a night on the town with fellow screen star Ashley Benson - and was amazed when the eye-catching hair color made other girls jealous.

The brunette beauty was in Miami, Florida last year (12) shooting scenes for new teen drama Spring Breakers, in which she plays racy blonde student Candy, when she decided to head to a bar with her co-star while still in character.

The actress went incognito by keeping on the hairpiece which hid her trademark dark locks, but she realized life as a blonde woman was tough when she noticed other females at the venue eyeballing her.

Hudgens tells British magazine Radar, "Me and Ashley went out to a bar once and I had the blonde wig on. I felt like so many girls hated us - instantly. So, if anything, being blonde brought on more hate. I wouldn't be in a rush to try it again."

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