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Tyler Perry sickened by church massacre

Wednesday's (17Jun15) sickening South Carolina church massacre has really left actor/director Tyler Perry shaken up - because he's an African Methodist Episcopalian, like those who were killed.

Gunman Dylann Roof has been arrested for the alleged hate crime after killing eight churchgoers and a pastor, and as many Americans woke up to the shocking news on Thursday (18Jun15), Gone Girl star Perry admits the drama really hit him hard.

Perry, who grew up a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church tweets, "I know these kinds of prayer meetings well, and I've been in a lot of them! It could have been any of us!

"The AME church, so close to home for me, so personal. What do you do when you think prayer is not enough? You pray some more. My heart and soul go out to the families of Emmanuel AME church!!"

Nicki Minaj also took to Twitter on Thursday (18Jun15) to express her thought about the massacre, writing, "Innocent people gathering to worship God are brutally murdered. Smh (shake my head). Cherish life you guys... and cherish the people u love."

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