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Tori Spelling's daughter undergoes tonsil removal

Actress-turned-reality TV regular Tori Spelling is nursing her five-year-old daughter back to full health after the youngster underwent a tonsillectomy last week (ends30May14).

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star admits she was "an emotional mess" as doctors prepared to operate on Stella, but the routine surgery went well and her daughter is now recovering at home.

Sharing the news with fans on her blog, Spelling writes, "My brave girl spent a day in the hospital last week having her tonsils removed.

"She was such a trooper while I was an emotional mess (not in front of her of course!). It's so scary having your baby go into surgery. The ironic thing is that she is 5, and I had my tonsils out when I was 5..."

Spelling reveals she helped Stella feel a little more at home while in hospital by gifting her a soft toy that her mom, Candy, had given her when she was a child.

She adds, "The stuffed dog in scrubs that kept Stella company in surgery is the same stuffed animal in scrubs that went into surgery with me at age 5. That's Angel! She watched over both me and my baby."

She continues, "Stella is now at home, feeling much better."

Stella's surgery wasn't the only family issue the busy mother-of-four, who is trying to work out her marital problems with cheating husband Dean McDermott, had to deal with - her seven-year-old son Liam had also been struck down with a bout of influenza.

Spelling and McDermott's relationship ups and downs are currently being documented on their latest reality show, True Tori.

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