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Tom Hanks shocked by dirty Disneyland secrets

Tom Hanks was left stunned by some of the Disneyland secrets he learned while filming Saving Mr. Banks at the California theme park, after discovering certain rides had to be scrapped due to fans getting frisky.

The actor portrays movie mogul Walt Disney in the new drama, about the battle to bring Mary Poppins to the big screen, and he admits shooting a film at the happiest place on earth was a dream come true for his teenage self.

He says, "(I thought), 'Oh, I get it, I'm 13. I'm dead at 13 and I've come to heaven.'"

However, Hanks reveals he learned so much from Disneyland employees that there were some behind-the-scenes stories he really could have done without - and one concerned the Skyway transit system which used to shuttle visitors between the park's Tomorrowland and Fantasyland areas.

He explains, "You ask questions like, 'What happened to this ride?' Why is there no sky buckets anymore?'

"One of the problems was - there were a lot of people trying to join, let's call it, the Mile High Club. In the sky buckets!

"There was other naughty stuff going on. But there were people that tried to... how do we say this... get the deed done. How to enjoy the e-ticket, maybe the g-ticket, maybe the o-ticket... I don't know."

The shuttle ride, which lasted just a few minutes, was removed in 1994.

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