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The Saturdays show puppy love in long-distance calls

The Saturdays keep in touch with their beloved pet dogs when they are on promotional duties abroad by speaking to them on Skype.

The animal-loving British-Irish girl group hate being away from their pet pooches so they rely on the online video messaging service and cell phone picture messages for regular updates from home.

Mollie King tells We Love Pop magazine, "I did miss home, especially my dog Alfie. My mum looked after him and we Skyped all the time. I'd call his name, 'Alfie! Alfie' and it broke my heart because he'd hear my voice and would jump off Mum's lap and run to the front door. Mum would have to say to him, 'No Alfie, she's not here.'"

Her bandmate Frankie Sandford adds, "My mum sent me loads of pictures of the dogs every day, with cringey messages like, 'Hi mummy, we miss you!'"

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