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The Office stars stranded after flight leaves early

The Office star Rainn Wilson has taken aim at airline chiefs after he and his castmates were left stranded on Friday (03May13) when their plane took off without them.

The show's stars were on their way to a wrap party for fans but they missed their connecting flight from Philadelphia to Scranton, Pennsylvania, because the plane left before its scheduled departure time.

Wilson, who plays office worker Dwight Schrute, took to his Twitter.com page to vent his frustration to his millions of followers and blast bosses at US Airways.

In a series of posts, he ranted, "So US Airways just screwed me & half the cast of The Office. Conctng (connecting) flight left BEFORE departure time. Sorry Scranton won't see u til (Saturday). I'm going to REALLY enjoy trying to convince 3.5 million twinions (Twitter fans) not to fly US Airways b/c (because) of their s**tty service. The plane was a 20 seater, missing 7 people who had obviously just landed & it leaves 10 minutes EARLY!"

The castmates then decided to hit the road to make it to Scranton, where their comedy about a fictional paper company is set.

He added, "We're being forced to rent cars and drive to Scranton from Philly. Does the CEO of US Airways want to join us? I will fondle him angrily. Will you pay for our car rental, gas, tolls and Sbarro (pizza), US Airways? I'm going to take a dump on a US Airways plane's windshield. In the shape of the (rival airline) Delta logo."

Wilson also shared text messages between him and a US Airways representative, who told the funnyman, "I do understand your frustration, I'm sorry we weren't able to get you there sooner."

The U.S. sitcom will wrap up on 16 May (13) after nine seasons.

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