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The Game gives away money for Christmas

The Game is embracing the charitable spirit of Christmas by giving away $500 a day to fans to help with their holiday shopping.

The hip-hop star announced last week (end13Dec13) that he would pick a name from among the Instagram.com followers of his rumoured love interest Leaux Steez, and on Saturday (14Dec13), he posted a picture of the winner holding the prize money.

The rapper then announced he will give away the same amount of money each day in return for fans following his friends' Instagram accounts, writing, "Giving back is the best gift for me."

On Monday (16Dec13), The Game continued his festive hand-outs, posting a picture of five one hundred dollar bills alongside the caption, "So look... It's the Christmas season + I'm giving somebody $500 today. Just cause I feel like it !!!! I don't care where in the world you are... If you're not in Los Angeles I will Western Union it to anywhere in the world. Today at 5pm I'm picking the winner & I'm sending $500 !!!!"

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