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Teresa Palmer launching happiness website

Actress Teresa Palmer has joined the ranks of Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow by setting up her own lifestyle blog.

The I Am Number Four star has launched a website called YourZenLife, which offers up tips on how to stay happy during challenging times.

She tells WENN, "It is an online scrapbook for everything health and wellness and spirituality and philanthropy.

"I noticed there are a lot of unhappy people in the world and there's the glass half empty people and I have never been that way. I have always been quite bubbly and embracing life - but I can understand that people's spirits get really broken. The website is just a way of showing how life can be beautiful, life can be great and if you don't have all these material things that so many people strive for; if you could turn inside of yourself internally, you can find that happy place. You can find what you are blessed with.

"We have contributors from all over the world write for us, like experts and celebrities, but also anyone who wants to have a voice and support each other and try to live our happiest, most impactful lives."

And Palmer turned filmmaker for the website, shooting a short film called The Happiness, about recent trip to Kenya: "I noticed how happy these children were there... They were playing with sticks in the dirt and didn't have a playground in their school. They were all laughing and having so much fun together.

"Their parents are so happy and they live in their little huts and they don't have electricity or fresh water. It was so beautiful, so I started filming that. They may not be rich in the material world but they're so rich in the community and love and happiness; and why is that? It's a lot of really beautiful footage of them which will be launched on the website."

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