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Taylor Swift surprised dying fan with birthday phone call

Taylor Swift was able to make a dream come true for a sick fan shortly before the young girl died on Christmas Day (25Dec13).

Delaney 'Laney' Ann Brown, eight, passed away on Wednesday (25Dec13) after suffering complications relating to leukemia, but she was able to fulfil one of her dreams several days earlier when she received a surprise phone call from the Love Story singer.

Swift heard about Brown's illness through the Make-A-Wish America charity and surprised the youngster with a video call on 20 December (13), Brown's eighth birthday.

A Facebook.com post that appears to have been written by one of Brown's parents reads, "Laney was so nervous to talk to her (Swift) because she is such a 'famous celebrity.' I was actually worried that when Taylor Facetimed (video called) her that she would be too scared to talk but Taylor was fabulous!! She really engaged Laney in conversation. Laney lit up and had a huge smile on her face. I can't thank Taylor enough for taking time out from her family to make Laney's birthday very memorable. We will hold that memory in our hearts forever."

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