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Taylor Swift dismissed from jury duty

Taylor Swift has been dismissed from jury duty in Nashville, Tennessee.

The singer had her day in court on Monday (29Aug16) when she showed up for what could be a long trial, and agreed to pose for selfies with other prospective jurors.

The excited members of the jury tweeted out the pictures, with one, Tracy Bates, writing: "#TaylorSwift is on Jury Duty with me... Happy to take selfies with us all."

Bates also shared a photo of a sweet signed message Swift wrote for her, stating, "So nice to meet you", and video footage of a fresh-faced Taylor smiling and laughing as another juror told how important her music was to her children.

However, Taylor won't have to return to court to continue her civic duty after telling officials she would not be able to remain impartial in a case involving sexual assault, as she is currently involved in her own litigation involving an alleged incident.

She was promptly dismissed from jury duty, reports TMZ.com.

The case Taylor was referring to relates to a 2013 incident in Colorado, where local radio host David Mueller was accused of groping the singer's butt during a concert meet and greet session. Mueller is suing the star, claiming he was falsely accused and lost his job at Denver's KYGO station as a result.

The 26-year-old singer countersued for sexual assault and battery in October (15), insisting she is telling the truth.

Her jury service may explain why Taylor was a no-show at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York on Sunday night (28Aug16).

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