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Taylor Momsen writes new song about school shootings

Goth rocker Taylor Momsen has written a new song urging troubled kids not to carry guns following a spate of school shootings.

The Pretty Reckless singer's track Shotgun to the Party was inspired by the senseless deaths of kids at schools in Connecticut and Columbine, Colorado, and she insists she felt compelled to write about the outsiders who go too far.

Momsen tells Revolver magazine, "The point of the song is, man, you don't need to kill people. It's about a kid getting ready to kill a bunch of people. Stop. Put the f**king shotgun down, you'll get the girl.

"It's horrible and no one's talking about it. I mean, people talk about it, but no one's saying it bluntly. So we're going to say it and sing it bluntly."

She adds, "Music can change people's perception and help people think a different way than how they were taught to think."

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