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Taryn Manning's alleged stalker hit with new charges

A woman accused of stalking actress Taryn Manning has been slapped with 26 new charges amid allegations she repeatedly violated a restraining order by bombarding the star with phone calls and text messages.

Jeanine Heller arrived at a New York court on Monday (12Jan15) to be officially sentenced for a September (14) count of criminal contempt, for which she had previously agreed a plea deal, but her case took a turn for the worse as she was taken into custody again before the hearing could even get underway.

She has since been slapped with 24 new allegations of criminal contempt and two of stalking.

In the latest complaint, obtained by TMZ.com, Heller is accused of using multiple phone numbers to harass the Orange Is the New Black regular in recent months, despite signing a deal to stay out of trouble and undergo counseling.

She also reportedly uploaded 385 files onto web forum Reddit.com in December (14), including what police have described as "a 13-page, single-spaced, self-described manifesto claiming to outline the history of the relationship" between herself and Manning.

On Monday, Heller's lawyer denied the allegations filed against his client, insisting she wasn't to blame.

He said, "My client absolutely, adamantly maintains her innocence. She is confident that when the evidence is reviewed it will reflect that someone else may have accessed her email."

Manning was granted an order of protection against Heller last summer (14), after she was arrested for allegedly sending the 35-year-old star hundreds of online messages between April and July (14).

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