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Superstitious Victoria Beckham carries crystals

Victoria Beckham is so superstitious in the run-up to her fashion shows, she often carries crystals with her to ward off bad luck.

The Spice Girls singer-turned-fashion designer believes in the healing power of gem stones such as pink quartz and black tourmaline, and often brings them backstage at her fashion label's catwalk events to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Speaking to students at the LA SALLE College of the Arts in Singapore, she reveals, "I'm very superstitious... If was honest with you, you would all think I was a little weird. I don't have any rituals... I'm one to carry my crystals with me, which some might think is a little odd... But I am quite superstitious. I don't walk underneath ladders and things like that And if I see magpies (European birds) I do the salutey (sic) thing (for good luck) which is a little weird but it could be worse..."

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