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Stephen Amell hailed as a 'class act' for fan generosity

Arrow star Stephen Amell has been praised as "a class act" and "a phenomenal man" after helping two married fans overcome the tragic loss of their unborn child by treating them to the full VIP experience at a comic book convention in Texas.

Korey and Matt Finch, from Texas, suffered the heartbreaking loss of their baby boy Damian in late September (14), while he was still in the womb, and the grieving parents, who are both big comic book fans, planned to host a superhero-themed funeral for their child.

They reached out to Amell via Facebook.com to "see if maybe he would send something to the memorial", but instead of just sending a souvenir for the memorial, Amell decided to go one step further.

He asked Korey to keep in touch so they could organise a meeting when he made a stop in Dallas this month (Feb15), and instead of just a quick meet-and-greet, Amell gave the Finches and a group of their friends VIP tickets and front row seats for his show's panel at the Dallas Comic Con last weekend (07-08Feb15).

The actor even wore a T-shirt the couple had designed to remember their son throughout the whole comic con event, and Korey revealed all about the meeting in a blog post on Buzzfeed.com.

She wrote, "I bawled. When he dedicated the panel to my husband and I, I straight up ugly cried. He wore the shirt THE WHOLE PANEL."

She then thanked Amell for his generosity, describing him as "a class act, and a phenomenal man", adding, "4 months ago my world was shattered, and in two days, Stephen Amell brought me more happiness than I have felt since my son died. He went above and beyond to do something special for my family and friends. And for that, I will be forever grateful."

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