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Stars join protests over Indiana's anti-gay law

Stars including Miley Cyrus and Ashton Kutcher have waded into the debate over a controversial new law which has been passed in Indiana amid fears it could lead to discrimination against gay couples.

Star Trek actor George Takei was so outraged by the passing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which many claim could allow businesses to turn away homosexual customers, on Thursday (26Mar15) that he called for a major boycott of the state.

Now more high-profile names have spoken out against the act and taken aim at Indiana Governor Mike Pence for signing the bill into law.

Pop star Cyrus posted a picture of Pence on her Instagram.com page and added in a caption, "You're an a**hole (Governor Mike Pence)... The only place that has more idiots (than) Instagram is in politics... We need more strong heterosexual men fighting for equality in both men and women! Why are the macho afraid to love muchoooo?!? (sic)"

Hollywood actor Kutcher also expressed his rage via Twitter.com and praised bosses of a software company for joining a business boycott of the state, writing, "Indiana? Seriously? Really? Bravo Salesforce for taking a stand... Hope more companies follow... Indiana are you also going to allow Christian establishments to ban Jews from coming in? Or Vice Versa? Religious freedom??? #Outrage."

Former Dawson's Creek star James Van Der Beek tweets, "If you say you love this country for its freedoms, but want to deny gays the same freedoms you enjoy, you sound like a hypocrite... And - just to clarify - 'freedom' is the right to live how you choose. It's not the right to choose how everyone else lives... Also - I remember Jesus saying 'Don't judge...' & 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' I don't recall him saying it was cool to discriminate."

Actress Sophia Bush vowed to avoid the state in future, writing, "Whelp. I live in the Midwest now, but I won't be visiting Indiana any time soon..." while other critics of the new law include fun. star Jack Antonoff, screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, actress/singer Audra McDonald, New Kids on the Block star Jonathan Knight and former child actress Mara Wilson.

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