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Stars defend Madonna as fall footage goes viral

Lindsay Lohan is among the stars who have stepped up to defend Madonna after footage of the singer's stage fall at the BRIT Awards became an Internet sensation.

The pop legend returned to the awards show in London on Wednesday night (25Feb15) to mark her first performance at the prizegiving in 20 years, but her big comeback was ruined by a nasty accident onstage.

Madonna appeared unable to remove the long black cloak she was wearing as she climbed a set of steps, and when a backing dancer attempted to tug the garment away, the singer was pulled down the stairs and she tumbled backwards onto the floor.

Social media was subsequently swamped with footage of the incident, as well as jokes and comments about Madonna's spectacular tumble, and it became a trending topic on Twitter.

A number of stars have since waded into the debate, with Mean Girls actress Lohan defending the Holiday hitmaker in a post on Twitter.com, writing, "She wore a cape for a reason! Much love to @Madonna #superwoman #boss #heroine #livingforlove (sic)."

Culture Club star Boy George also applauded Madonna's bravery, writing, "Madonna was a trouper. That was a hard fall but she got on with it! All these comments about being old. So lame! Old is gold," and singer Adam Lambert added, "Great performance Madonna! You are a true professional and a legend. 'Watched me Stumble... I'm gonna carry on!' #livingforlove."

However, other stars were not so kind - TV host Piers Morgan, who has been embroiled in a long-running fued with Madonna, wrote, "Ambulance for Granny, please. #Madonna.. Still laughing..." while singer/songwriter Diane Warren added, "I think one thing Madonna won't b (be) taking with her when she leaves the U.K. is her dancers..."

Representatives of the Broadway production of The Phantom Of The Opera also reached out to Madonna to offer advice on how to wear capes, as the show's main character has successfully sported one for years without incident. A post on the show's official Twitter account reads, "We're glad to hear that you're not hurt Madonna. In the future, let us know if you want help with capes. They are rather finicky."

However, Madonna appeared to have the last laugh because in the hours after the stage spill, the song she performed, Living For Love, shot to the top of the iTunes chart in the U.K.

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