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Soulja Boy sued

Rapper Soulja Boy has been sued by the driver of the car he collided with in June (12) and her passenger for accusing them of racism in a post-crash online video rant.

Bobbiye Sullinger and Herman Flowers filed a joint suit against the hitmaker on Friday (21Sep12) for defamation and physical, financial and emotional damages relating to the summer car crash.

The plaintiffs are also demanding medical expenses, loss of income and property damage.

Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, posted a video on YouTube.com after the incident claiming Sullinger had accused him of stealing his luxury Bentley at the scene and accused her of being racist towards him.

She claims the alleged false claims in the video have negatively impacted her career and severely damaged her reputation.

TMZ.com editors have obtained the legal documents.

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