Songwriters accuse Carrie Underwood of stealing their tune

Carrie Underwood has been hit by another song stealing lawsuit.

The singer and the co-writers behind her hit track Something in the Water have been sued in federal court for alleged theft.

Ron McNeill and Georgia Lyons claim they pitched a tune with the same title to Underwood's producer Mark Bright in 2014, but didn't hear anything back.

Underwood released the track a year later.

In addition to Underwood and Bright, the Canadian duo has named co-writers Chris DeStefano and Brett James, and Sony Music Nashville among the defendants.

"The hook on the infringing work... is structurally and lyrically identical, and substantially similar melodically to plaintiffs' composition of the same title," McNeill and Lyons' complaint reads.

It's not the first time Carrie has been caught up in a plagiarism battle - she and Brad Paisley won a 2016 decision after a songwriter accused them of copyright infringement for the duet Remind Me.