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Snoop Dogg urged daughter to take singing lessons

Hip-hop veteran Snoop Dogg refused to let his daughter embark on a career in music before taking singing lessons because her vocals were "garbage".

The rapper's youngest child, Cori B., wanted to follow in her famous father's footsteps by becoming a musician, but she had her work cut out for her after receiving some harsh criticism from her dad.

The 13 year old took his advice and enrolled in vocal training and she has since built up a following online after covering Taylor Swift's hit I Knew You Were Trouble with her best pal Gabi Wilson.

Cori has also teamed up with Snoop in the studio for new track, No Guns Allowed, and he is proud of how far she has come.

He says, "Working with Cori B. was awesome man, because I remember when she was horrible, when she couldn't sing, and I was her worst fan 'cause I'd tell her, 'Look, this s**t is garbage. You gonna have to fake this. You not gonna be my daughter singing like this (sic)...'

"But what I love about her is that she went and got vocal coaching, she went and got training, she went and got good (sic); she dedicated herself, she made herself great. It (the talent) was there but she made herself great to where bringing her to the studio was awesome because now I see the growth in her and... she hit that note... I say by the time she's 16, 17 she's gonna be writing her own songs and she's gonna be writing from a great place."

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