Sir Elton films TV commercial with Melanie Amaro

Melanie Amaro's pop career has been given a big boost after filming a TV commercial with Sir Elton John.

The 19-year-old singer was crowned the inaugural winner of Simon Cowell's The X Factor in December (11).

Now Amaro's career looks set to take off - she's teamed up with the Rocket Man to film a Super Bowl advertisement for Pepsi.

In the ad, Amaro stars as a warrior princess who enters a royal talent competition and sings Aretha Franklin's Respect.

Sir Elton plays a king who judges the competition, and he insists he was blown away by Amaro's talent.

He tells Bader TV News, "She oozes personality. You can see it just by talking to her. She's very voluptuous. She's cheeky. She's fun. She's got the enthusiasm, and the personality. She's going to have to make a great record, which I'm sure she will - she's got the voice to do it."

Amaro adds, "Elton John is in this commercial. That means a lot because (it's) not every day people are able to do the things I'm doing now. I feel really fortunate, I feel really blessed to be able to follow in the footsteps of big stars."