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Sickly Arnold Schwarzenegger misses Terminator screening

Arnold Schwarzenegger has missed a 30th anniversary screening of The Terminator as he is suffering from a bout of influenza.

The Hollywood hardman dropped out of the event in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday (15Sep14) but appeared via video link to apologise for his absence.

In the clip, Schwarzenegger says, "I just came back from a trip throughout Europe and I caught the flu. I know machines are never supposed to get sick. But I am. I thought the wisest thing would be to not to expose anyone else. I hope you understand."

He signed off with The Terminator's iconic catchphrase, "I'll be back".

The film's director James Cameron and producer Gale Anne Hurd were present and held a question-and-answer session with the audience to discuss the sci-fi classic.

Cameron insisted the star was "sick as a dog" and told fans, "I said, 'Terminators don't get sick. You don't feel pity or remorse. Or fear. And you absolutely do not stop. So what are you doing at home...?'... OK, I didn't really say that last part. But that's what I thought. I told him that it was fine, I'd take care of it."

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