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Shia LaBeouf caused havoc on Broadway two years before arrest

Shia Labeouf caused disruption while "loaded" at a Broadway play two years before a boozy arrest at another New York theatre.

The Transformers star was held by police in the Big Apple in June (14) for disrupting a theatre production of Cabaret, smoking in the venue, and scuffling with cops outside.

He later pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct and was ordered to complete a six-month alcohol rehabilitation course.

Now former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens has revealed it was not the first time the troubled actor had caused drunken mayhem on Broadway - during a 2012 run of The Heiress, featuring Stevens, LaBeouf pulled a similar stunt.

He tells Vulture.com, "Uh, yeah! Shia LaBeouf showed up loaded during a performance of The Heiress and was pretty disruptive. I know! They managed to escort him out (of Cabaret). But our play, they weren't quite on the ball during The Heiress. I don't know if he was smoking, but he was definitely hollering, and I think he thought he was in Cabaret while watching The Heiress.

"That was a pretty strange onstage experience, I have to say. And for the first half, we didn't know who it was. And then we came off (during intermission), and Jessica Chastain, who had just worked with him in Lawless, was like, 'I think it's Shia!' And yeah, by the end of the play, it was definitely him."

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