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Shailene Woodley left scarred by Divergent stunts

Shailene Woodley was often left crippled with pain on the set of new movie Divergent after sustaining "battle wounds" and suffering multiple hernias due to stress.

The Descendants star is one of the leading actors in the big screen adaptation of Veronica Roth's best selling novel about life in a dystopian world, and while the 21 year old is proud of her action scenes, she reveals she's been left with permanent reminders of her time on the shoot.

She tells Eonline.com, "I got to do some crazy stuff. I got really hurt. I have a scar on my chest (and) a scar on my hip, but all good battle wounds. It's so much fun! And they'll go away in like five years. The cool thing is I got to do some stunts and that never happens. I feel so cool about it."

However, the pressure of delivering a great performance on film had Woodley suffering from abdominal pain, too.

She adds of the hernias, "It was partly my fault from the amount of stress."

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