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Scott Eastwood shares his love for the ocean with new clean-up campaign

Scott Eastwood is fronting a new campaign designed to bring awareness to Ocean conservation.

The actor and model has partnered with fragrance company Davidoff to promote National Geographic's Love the Ocean project. Love the Ocean is aimed at exploring, surveying and protecting the sea. With support, National Geographic has been able to undertake expeditions to explore remote areas of the ocean in places like the Pitcairn Islands, Mozambique and New Caledonia.

As an avid surfer and swimmer, Scott says that participating in the campaign was important to him on a personal level.

"Ocean conservation is really important to me because I live by it, and see it on a daily basis," he explained in a video clip launching the campaign. "Plastic and trash - that's where they end up... The ocean is a giver of life. We can't ignore this problem."

In the video, Scott, the son of famed actor-director Clint Eastwood, is shown helping clear the shoreline of beer cans, discarded plastic and other rubbish with students and other local conservationists. He added that protecting the world's water supplies and marine environments should be a top priority for all.

"Seeing the damage that all this pollution (and litter) has caused really makes me want to get out there and make a difference," he said. The 30-year-old added that as part of the promotion, for every Davidoff Cool Water bottle sold, the fragrance company will help "protect 10,000 square meters of ocean."

The actor, who is starring in the upcoming film Suicide Squad, will also be doing his bit by attending an ocean clean-up session on 10 July (16) in San Diego, California.

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