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Sarah Harding eyes trip to Afghanistan

British pop star Sarah Harding is planning a trip to Afghanistan to sing for brave U.K. soldiers stationed in the war-torn country.

The former Girls Aloud star is an ambassador for Coming Home, a charity which helps adapt housing for servicemen and women who have lost limbs at war, and admits her work with the organization has made her keen to visit Camp Bastion, Britain's main military base in the region.

She tells Britain's The People, "I am going to Camp Bastion, I want to see what it's like. I would love to sing for the soldiers, give them that boost. I want to get them all cheering. (Bandmate) Cheryl (Cole) went over there and (glamour model) Katie Price - I bet the soldiers loved that.

"If I can put a smile on their faces and make them forget what they have to go through every single day then I will. I want to use my profile to do something really positive. It is something I am so proud to be involved in...

"I used to worry about my hair, my make-up, which one of us in Girls Aloud were given the best shoes to wear. But then I met these men who are so selfless. It was amazing to watching people be so positive despite having their lives ripped apart."

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