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Ryan Reynolds refuses to give up Broadway dream

Ryan Reynolds is dreaming of Broadway after parenthood wrecked his stage aspirations.

The actor reveals he was set to star in "a revival set in the 40s" when his wife Blake Lively fell pregnant and he had to decline the role.

But he'd still like to hit the New York stage, adding, "It still might happen. I would love it. I've always had a propensity to play to the back row so I think it would be a good fit. It's on the bucket list."

Reynolds also thinks his stand-up comedy background will make him a Broadway natural, explaining, "I started performing on stage in front of a live audience as an improv comedian. I moved to L.A. to join (comedy troupe) The Groundlings. The best job I ever had was doing the sitcom Two Guys, A Girl, And a Pizza in front of a live audience. I would do the warm-up stand-up routine for the audience and it was fun! That job was 15 years ago but it was a dream."

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