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Ryan Phillippe & actor pals were Los Angeles inflatable bandits

Ryan Phillippe and his actor pals Seth Green and Breckin Meyer were once mischief makers who targeted inflatables up and down Ventura Boulevard in California.

The Crash star insists the three amigos never did anything terrible, but they were "obsessed with light vandalism".

Phillippe explains, "There used to be a Kong Video on Ventura Boulevard that had a giant inflatable King Kong on top of it; we wanted to unplug (it)... We had an obsession with unplugging inflatables on top of buildings. We would find ladders and things and go up on top of these buildings and unplug inflatables.

"We also broke into the Sherman Oaks Galleria (shopping mall)... We would go into the Nordstrom's and rearrange furniture."

The actor reveals their crime spree only turned malicious when they started losing out on major film roles.

He adds, "Sometimes, if we'd lose a job and there was promotion for that movie, we may have removed a bus stop poster or two; we might have unscrewed some lights on a billboard."

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