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Ruby Rose: 'I turned down tickets to see Prince two weeks before his death'

Actress and DJ Ruby Rose will forever regret turning down the chance to see Prince live two weeks before his death.

The Orange is the New Black star was offered tickets to see one of her childhood heroes perform in the days before his death, but opted not to snap them up because she had an early-morning film shoot the next day on Vin Diesel's xXx sequel.

"Someone offered me tickets to see him and I turned them down because I was like, 'Oh, I have an early morning and I have to shoot and I'm tired...', she told Billboard.

"I remember waking up in, like, the middle of the night suddenly desperately regretting not going, thinking how I should have gone and questioning why I didn't go.

"Then, a week and a half later I find out he has passed. It was devastating."

So Ruby never got the chance to see Prince live.

"Prince, (David) Bowie and Madonna were all my mom played when I was growing up, and they really helped build my confidence when I was young," she added. "I loved what Prince did, because he was such a feminine guy who really explored different types of clothing and different types of makeup."

The music icon was found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park compound just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota on 21 April (16). He performed his last private show for fans at his home on the Saturday before his death (16Apr16). His final public show took place in Atlanta, Georgia on 14 April (16).

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