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Rosario Dawson & Tracie Thoms ganged up on Tarantino for Death Proof roles

Rosario Dawson and Tracie Thoms ganged up on director Quentin Tarantino after he insisted they weren't right for his Grindhouse movie Death Proof.

The actresses had become friends while shooting RENT together and rather than getting glum after Tarantino passed on them, they decided to work together on changing his mind.

In a Reddit.com webchat with fans, Dawson reveals, "I auditioned for it, didn't get the part, and Tracie auditioned for it, and didn't necessarily get the part, and both of us were like, 'Aw HELL NAW, just not okay if we don't get to do it!'

"We had become besties on RENT, because we were both newbies and spent a lot of time together, so we sat down and watched every Tarantino movie back to back, and we rehearsed the HELL out of our scene, and we asked if we could go down to meet with him again, and we flew together to New York, and it was supposed to be my audition but I brought her.

"We ended up getting the role, and had a blast on it."

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