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Rita Ora in baby drama on TV show

Singer Rita Ora was left in tears as she attempted to rescue a screaming baby from a locked a car during a set up for prank show Punk'd.

The R.I.P hitmaker was returning from dinner with friends when she came to the aid of what she thought was a crying youngster trapped in a parked vehicle.

Ora called the emergency services and was instructed to break the window while they sent help, and she was seen desperately trying to smash the glass before scrambling to open the car door.

Soon after, the supposed owner of the vehicle arrived to inform her that the crying baby was a doll and that she had to pay for the damage.

Ora then became embroiled in a tearful argument with the woman until it was revealed the singer had been set up by producers of the prank show, which aired on Wednesday evening (02Sep15).

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