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Rihanna goes incognito in London for fashion tips

Rihanna often hits the streets of London to get tips on the latest clothing trends.

The Umbrella hitmaker, who is producing new British TV series Styled To Rock, is a regular visitor to the U.K. capital, and she likes to go undercover to observe edgy outfits.

She tells Britain's The Sun, "London has always been one of my favourite cities to come to. I always go out on the street walking around to see what the kids are doing. They always set the trends for the designers.

"I find that the kids in London have so much style, so much street style and so much talent. This show was a way for me to give these kids the opportunity to see how far they can go."

Styled To Rock features the hunt for a new British designer who will create an outfit for Rihanna to wear at a 2013 live show.

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