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Rihanna adopts nightclub toilet dog

Rihanna has adopted a dog she found in the toilet of a top Los Angeles nightspot on Saturday (27Jun15).

The Umbrella singer was enjoying a night out with pals at 1Oak over the weekend when a bathroom break turned into a puppy pick-up.

In a Snapchat video recorded by a friend, the star says, "Well, I found him in the bathroom somewhere, and he ran up to me."

Rihanna made sure the pooch didn't belong to anyone before taking him home with her - and the lucky mutt is already being spoiled rotten by his new mistress.

In another Snapchat video, the friend gives fans a look at all the supplies and pet toys Rihanna has lavished on her new pet, adding, "She literally just went to the club, came back with the cage, wee-wee pads, food, and a f**king dog!"

And in a final video, Rihanna rocks her dog, named Pepe, to sleep in her arms.

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