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Rick Ross producer accused of stealing beat for new Jay Z collaboration

The producer behind Rick Ross and Jay Z's new collaboration Devil Is A Lie has been accused of stealing the beat from another musicmaker.

Ross released the song on music streaming site SoundCloud.com on Thursday (19Dec13), and producer KE On The Track later shared video footage of himself creating the tune online.

However, the short film prompted fellow beatmaker Omar Walker, known by his stage name Major Seven, to take aim at KE On The Track in a series of angry posts on his Twitter.com page on Thursday afternoon, amid allegations he had actually been the brains behind Devil Is A Lie.

Walker wrote, "Rick Ross feat. Jayz Devil is a Lie prod. by Me stolen by @_keonthetrack... this guy is a straight theif (sic)!!!!"

He then promised to prove his claim to fans in a video of his own, adding, "when i make the beat vid (video) for devil is a lie, it wont be fake like KE's i will show yall every individual sound! and the dates on (recording) sessions (sic)".

KE On The Track appeared to dismiss Walker's allegations by quoting a line from Jay Z's hit Takeover, simply tweeting, "We dont (sic) believe you , you need more people", but he has failed to comment on the issue in more detail.

Walker returned to Twitter on Friday (20Dec13) and suggested the truth will prevail, stating: "sometimes its (sic) just hard to keep silent on issues even when you know that in the LONG RUN, the truth will be LOUD and CLEAR Patience".

KE On The Track had initially been credited as the producer on Devil Is A Lie, but his name has subsequently been removed.

Ross and Jay Z have yet to speak out about the behind-the-scenes dispute.

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