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Rhymefest reunites with his estranged father

Rapper Rhymefest has reunited with his estranged father after 24 years apart.

The Grammy Award winner, real name Che Smith, met Brian Tillman at the West Side homeless shelter in Chicago, Illinois last week (begs07Jan13), marking the first time he had seen his dad since he was 11.

The star, who penned Jesus Walks for Kanye West, tells local news site DNAInfo.com, "(My) friend told me what shelter my dad was staying at, and that is how I found him... It was not until I hugged him that I realized how much I missed having a dad around."

And the 54 year old was just as happy to see his son: "I immediately started hugging him, as I cried my eyes out. I had been telling people my son was a famous rapper but nobody believed me."

Smith has since tried to help his parent, who is an alcoholic, get back on his feet and seek treatment.

He adds, "I will continue to help him as long as he continues to try and help himself. I am willing to do what I can to help my father because I do love him."

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