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Reese Witherspoon almost smashed Sofia Vergara's teeth on Hot Pursuit set

Latin beauty Sofia Vergara almost lost her perfect smile while shooting new comedy Hot Pursuit after co-star Reese Witherspoon accidentally smacked her in the face with a deer hoof.

The actresses are best pals now, but Witherspoon admits the Modern Family star wasn't laughing when the incident took place.

Witherspoon tells Eonline.com, "I was trying to cover myself with a deer skin and it flopped over and hit her in the teeth. It was bad…That was like the second day of shooting and I thought she was going to quit. It wasn't funny."

And Vergara adds, "She almost made me toothless because she hit me with a deer hoof."

It wasn't the only mishap onset - Witherspoon had to be admitted to a hospital emergency room for a burst ovary after Vergara pushed her a little too hard during a fight scene.

The Colombian stunner recently admitted, "I sent her to the emergency room - something with internal bleeding.

"I push her and I push her and I kept telling her, 'I think I'm pushing you too hard', and she was like, 'No, do it real...!' I popped her ovary."

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