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Hayley Atwell is Agent Carter on official driving license

Actress Hayley Atwell had to pose for her California driving license photo as her Marvel TV character Agent Peggy Carter, because she didn't have time to change before racing to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Earlier this year (15), the British star told late night host Jimmy Kimmel she had to dash to renew her passport photo as Carter, and now it seems she'll be in character for all her official documents.

She told Kimmel, "I went on my lunch break as Peggy Carter... I don't know if it's legal that my passport picture is actually me as Peggy Carter."

And last week (ends24Apr15) history repeated itself at the DMV.

Atwell has shared the proof with her Twitter followers, adding the caption: "So I told people I had to go to the dmv dressed as Peg. Wearing a harness, mic and Spanx. Anyone wanna see the pic? Here it is."

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