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Rapper Wale pens open letter to fans about Twitter absence

Rapper Wale has blamed his "insecurities and flaws" for prompting him to shut down his Twitter.com blog last year (13) after becoming embroiled in a number of online feuds.

The Pretty Girls star hit headlines for clashing with fans and critics alike, and the fall-out led to a personal boycott of social networking sites in recent months.

However, he returned from his hiatus this week (beg20Jan14) and poured his heart out to fans in a candid post on Tumblr.com, revealing he had let his critics get the better of him.

In the lengthy message, Wale admits he got too caught up in people's opinions of him and his music - but he is determined to shut out the noise and just focus on his fans from now on.

He writes, "I took an absence from Twitter because I started to care tooooo (sic) much...

"There came a point where people went out of their way to remind me that I'm missin (sic) my mark. Albeit, I made myself a target to slander and criticism. I think it became a trend to f**k with anybody that cared about people's opinion (sic). I'm not one of those people who makes music for material things. I strive to make music for a public that appreciates raw emotion. And I will continue to...

"But, my goal moving forward is to focus less on THEM and more on US. We all have goals and mine is simple. Empower the people. Empower MY fans and focus on MY fans and their energy..."

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