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Rapper Cam'ron helping fans fight Ebola with new face mask

Enterprising rapper Cam'Ron is hoping to cash in on the Ebola pandemic by selling personalized face masks to protect fans from disease.

The Cam'ron Ebola Mask features a photo of Cam'ron talking on his cellphone.

Available online at DipsetUSA.com, the masks will begin shipping on 7 November (14).

Announcing his quirky new line of germ protectors, the Hey Ma hitmaker posted a shot of himself wearing a mask on Instagram.com, adding the caption, "Ebola is no joking matter. So if u have to be safe... Be fashionable."

The Ebola outbreak has cost over 4,400 people in West Africa their lives. The first person diagnosed with the disease in the U.S. died in a Texas hospital earlier this month (Oct14).

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