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Rachel Weisz is hopeful for Broadway play with Daniel Craig

British actress Rachel Weisz is battling nerves as she waits to hear whether she will be cast alongside her husband Daniel Craig in a new Broadway play.

The Hollywood stars, who wed in 2011, are in talks to portray a married couple in Harold Pinter's Betrayal later this year (13), and The Mummy beauty admits she is keeping her fingers crossed in the hopes of landing her dream project.

She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "We're absolutely hoping to (star onstage together). We're in negotiations. I want to very much."

And Weisz confesses she is already getting overly-excited at the thought of performing live in her Broadway debut.

She says, "When you do a play, you get to really be like the editor and the director, and, you know, you're in charge. It's your ship to sail, and you tell the story from beginning to end one night or twice a day on Thursdays and Saturdays. So when you do films, you film little bits off and out of order, so it's just a different kind of feeling. You get to tell the story and it's live, so it's very exciting. I'm getting nervous talking about it, actually."

Academy Award-winner Mike Nichols is the frontrunner to direct the play, about a publisher whose wife has an affair with his literary-agent friend.

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