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Producer defends Kristen Stewart amid cheating backlash

Kristen Stewart's Welcome To The Riley's producer Giovanni Agnelli has jumped to the defence of his former leading lady amid the fallout following her cheating confessions.

The Twilight star stunned fans and Hollywood insiders last week (ends27Jul12) when she revealed a tabloid story about a fling with director Rupert Sanders was true.

It now appears her romance with Robert Pattinson is over after removal vans were spotted outside the Los Angeles home the couple shares - and his fans have turned on Stewart.

But Agnelli feels the vitriol aimed at his young friend is over the top.

In a series of tweets on Monday (30Jul12), the producer rants, "The spin that keeps growing on this story is staggering. There was NO on set affair. Stop printing LIES.

"If one of your friends in real life was hurting, and lots of people were being cruel. Wouldn't you ask them to please stop? Honestly?"

Agnelli also took a moment to thank fans who have pledged their support to Stewart, revealing she has seen a "twitition" and "support video" and adding, "Thank you."

The drama began when shots of Stewart and Sanders kissing featured on the cover and inside last week's Us Weekly magazine.

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