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Police suspend search for Tali Lennox-Fruchtmann's boyfriend after finding body

Police experts looking for the missing boyfriend of Annie Lennox's daughter Tali have suspended their search after finding a body that matches the 32 year old's description.

Tali Lennox-Fruchtmann's model beau Ian Jones disappeared after a kayaking accident on the Hudson River in New York early on Saturday (08Aug15).

Officials for the Dutchess County Sheriff believe it's a "strong possibility" that the body they recovered on Monday afternoon (10Aug15) is that of Jones.

An autopsy to determine the death and identification is scheduled for Tuesday (11Aug15).

Jones and his girlfriend were kayaking near Poughkeepsie, New York, on Saturday morning when the boat capsized.

Lennox-Fruchtmann was rescued by a passing boat after about 20 minutes in the water, but she lost sight of her boyfriend, who was not wearing a lifejacket, shortly after the accident.

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