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Pharrell's new album a tribute to women and equality

Pharrell Williams is opening up about his stance on women's equality, revealing his new album G I R L is a tribute to females all over the world.

The Happy hitmaker's second studio album is already a global success just a month after its release, but Williams is eager to let fans know that this particular record isn't just about the music, but what it stands for.

In an interview with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday (10Apr14), he explained that he had a clear vision for the G I R L album, which was to make it a tribute to women everywhere.

He said, "Instantly I knew that I wanted to give back to a demographic that had giving to me to me and my family for over 20 years and that was women. I knew it was going to be called G I R L, and put two spaces in between each letter, because I needed that word to read different in any text it would be lucky enough to be written about. I wanted that word to be bigger than anything else in that whole entire paragraph.

"First of all, I have a huge affinity for them, but at the same time there's a lot of inequality with women. Still to this day, it's like 73 cents to a man's dollar. What is that? The last time I heard, the only way that this entire species can come into existence is through the portal of a woman's body."

He continued, "We're a species that has had a space station floating around the earth for over 20 years we even have a rover on the surface of Mars, how can we be the same species where we have legislators that tells women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. How is that possible?

"And when I say equality, I mean equality for everybody. Who are you telling who they can marry and who they can't - what is this? It's 2014."

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