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Paul Rudd reveals hitchhiking drama

Paul Rudd was forced to hitch a lift with a stranger after his car broke down on the way to New York's John F. Kennedy airport.

The Clueless star was travelling on the Van Wyck Expressway in the Big Apple when his hired ride spluttered to a halt in traffic.

Paul Rudd was required to catch a specific flight because of his work schedule - and he was left with no choice but to hitchhike.

He tells chat show host David Letterman, "A couple of months ago I was going out to work and I had a town car to drive me to JFK and my car broke down. I was on the Van Wyck, and it was crammed and I had to catch the flight and there was no way I could get a cab and they couldn't get another town car, so I started (to) hitchhike because I didn't want to miss the flight.

"A very nice girl thankfully picked me up and took me to the airport. I'm thumbing it. She pulled over. I was so appreciative... her name is Allie Brown... I said, 'I would love to thank you', I would love it if I could offer her something really cool and interesting like a walk-on part to a movie I was working on, but I realised I don't have that kind of juice, I couldn't make it happen, but then instead how about a walk on to this interview. I hope that's alright..."

Paul Rudd then introduced Brown to the TV studio set and joked, "I probably should have gotten her a gift certificate or something!"

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