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Paris Jackson turns online agony aunt during webchat

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris turned agony aunt for troubled teens on Tuesday night (07Aug12) when she offered up advice during a webchat.

The budding actress and two pals tackled questions about teen romance, boys and style as part of a TinyChat.com session.

Paris was asked what she would so if she found her best friend sleeping with her brother, to which she answered, "If you're OK with it, OK," and added, "I've never been in that situation."

She was also asked if girls and guys could really just be friends and how she would react if she discovered a friend was dating her ex-boyfriend.

The teen agony aunt revealed she had been in that situation, explaining, "We broke up and one of my best friends started dating him, like, a week later - and I didn't have a problem with it."

Young Jackson also revealed she likes guys who wear eyeliner and that some of her best friends are gay.

Paris conducted the webchat from her bedroom in front of her new Michael Jackson poster display, which she had created 24 hours previously, posting a photo of the end result on Twitter.com.

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