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Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings welcomes baby girl

Volleyball champion Kerri Walsh Jennings has given birth to a daughter.

The Olympic gold medallist welcomed Scout Margery Jennings with her husband, fellow volleyball player Casey Jennings, on Saturday morning (06Apr13).

The thrilled sportswoman took to her Facebook.com page to share her happy news, writing, "She's here! She's here! She's here! Our precious baby girl is finally here! Scout Margery Jennings is as beautiful as can be. She came in like lightening and is all ready a beautiful rainbow... so pink & lovely & healthy. Thank you all so very much, with all my heart, for your love, support & prayers. I can't tell you how much it means to me & how very much it helped. Wishing you all a wonderful, blessed day as this day certainly is for us."

Little Scout is a sister to brothers Joey and Sundance.

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