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Nicole Kidman tricks and treats at early Halloween bash

Halloween came early for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban last week (ends26Oct14) when they celebrated the spookiest night of the year with a trick-or-treat party for 200 friends.

The Australian actress admits she has really "embraced" the Halloween spirit since becoming a mom, and as well as hitting the streets to gather candy on Friday night (31Oct14), she opened her Tennessee home for a spook-tacular a few days early.

She says, "We already had a massive Halloween party... We sort of like to be the first cab off the ranks, so we started last week.

"We start (the party) at five and go 'til about 10, 10.30 and we do games. I'm into Halloween because it's theatrical. This year I was a witch. He (Urban) said he was Dracula... but he didn't look so Dracula-ish. He was tail and teeth and everything.

"We scared all the children. I forget when I have all the face paint on and I'm like, 'Hi...' and they (kids) sort of look aghast."

Kidman insists she has become an expert at disguise and she can hit the streets on Halloween and not get recognized, but her daughters still haven't decided exactly who they are going to be for trick-or-treating on Friday, so the actress has doubled up on costumes so they can make a last-minute choice.

She explains, "We have a Maleficent (costume) and we have an Elsa (costume from Frozen)... and then we have a little light-up witch costume and we also have one of flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz, which is my favorite."

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